Project Governance Oversight

Now you can predict troubled projects!

Weeks or months in advance!

Even one troubled project can seriously affect your bottom line. Learn how TrueProject automates your project governance and oversight and lets you predict project success!

Automatic process

PMs spend much of their time collecting data and crafting reports. With TrueProject, that collection, reporting, and analysis are done automatically

Identify key factors

Identify the people (soft data) and project (hard data) metrics that enable you to take corrective action before failure occurs.

Get the true status

See your current true status with a numerical risk score to help identify current problems and gain critical insight of your projects.

How it Works

TrueProject provides continuous oversight and governance of your projects, predicting where problems might occur, and alerts management to those requiring attention.


Get information from all your projects’ team members, whether internal, external, or stakeholders of any type.


Learn from past performance and compare against metrics-based research.


TrueProject highlights key areas needing your attention. We work with you to identify and recommend corrective actions before it’s too late.


Predictive analytics show if your projects are on the right path, predicting unseen project risks while there is time to act.

The Benefits

TrueProject’s oversight guarantees reduced project failure, reduced costs, and greater management insight.

Insight in a Snap

Get your current true status with a numerical risk score to help identify current problems and gain critical insight of your projects.

AI-assisted IV&V

Perform independent verification and validation with the assistance of TrueProject’s AI function

Expert Guidance

Your TrueProject consultant will guide you through the process and help you get value

No Stakeholder Learning Curve

Complete a simple set-up, communicate the need for the assessment with your team and receive the results..

Minimal Investment of Time

It takes only minutes for each stakeholder to complete their assessment to quickly leverage the power and insight from TrueProject.

No Infrastructure Commitment

TrueProject runs as a SaaS so there is no need to invest in any infrastructure. A browser is all you need.

Proven Best Practices

TrueProject is pre-configured with field-proven best-practice questionnaires designed to elicit maximum results.

Assess Your Stakeholders

Evaluate team feedback, discover hidden issues within the team hierarchy, and its impact on success, while giving voice to all team members.

Anonymous Results

Results are statistically processed by role and not tied to individuals. Your team is free to speak their mind

Extensive Reports

Preconfigured analytics maximize results based on thousands of project reviews. Your comprehensive report contains graphical status representations, along with expert commentary.

Expert Consultation

Your TrueProject experience includes experts to walk through findings and recommendations.

Upgrade to Enterprise

A built-in approach to migrate to an on-going project review SaaS solution for all of your projects.

Let us show you...

How TRUEPROJECT lets you automate your project governance and oversight.

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